BA202 Discrete Mathematics

For this semester, new code & silibus for Discrete Mathematics are as follows:

  1. BASIC LOGIC (04 : 02) – This topic deals with propositional logic, logical connectives and truth tables and validity. Predicate logic, universal and existential quantification are discussed
  2. SETS, FUNCTIONS AND RELATIONS (04 : 02) – This topic includes sets and set operations, functions and relations. Operations associated with sets, functions, and relations are also discussed.
  3. GRAPHS AND TREES (06 : 03) – This topic deals with fundamental concepts of graph theory: undirected graphs, directed graphs. The concept and procedure of building trees: spanning trees and traversal strategies covered.
  4. INDUCTION AND RECURSION (04 : 02) – This topic consists of mathematical induction to prove statements and recursive definition is used to define sequences, functions and sets.
  5. COUNTING PRINCIPLE (06 : 03) – This topic includes permutation and combination. It is used to solve counting problem.
  6. BOOLEAN ALGEBRA (06 : 03) – This topic includes the basic properties of Boolean algebra to implement circuit diagram. The Karnaugh Map is used to minimise the circuits.
For topics 1 until 3, the notes are same with the old silibus but for topics 4 until 6, the topics are different. So anyone who can share your notes for Topic 4, 5 and 6 with me? 🙂
Thank you for your cooperation..~~

5 thoughts on “BA202 Discrete Mathematics

  1. salam puan..blh tnya x??
    sblum sy tkar poli ,,sy da byr yuran poli muadzam..
    kalau nk claim mmg lmbt ?dr hep smpi koperAsi sy tnya smpi skrg snyap..

  2. As-Salamu Alaykum,

    Saya ada 3 soalan. Harap dapat jawab. Dalam silibus lama tu ada belajar calculus ke? Dimana saya boleh dapatkan silibus lama? Kalau ikut silibus lama, seminggu kelas berapa jam ye?

    Sekian terima kasih

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